Women's Way

Women’s Way may provide a way to pay for your mammogram and/or Pap test.

What does Women’s Way pay for?

  • Office visits for breast and/or cervical cancer screenings
  • Mammograms
  • Pap tests
  • HPV tests
  • Breast or cervical diagnostic tests

Women who may be eligible:

  • Live in North Dakota
  • Are ages 40 through 64
  • Are age 21 through 39 and has breast symptoms (lump) or is at high risk for breast cancer or is due for a Pap test or need breast or cervical diagnostics procedures
  • Have insurance that does not cover Pap tests and/or mammograms or cannot afford to pay her deductible or co-payments or does not have insurance

To make an appointment

Call 701-271-3344

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